Basic Colour Infographic

My first (mini) infographic. Hopefully this well help beginners choosing colours in their own work. I made this purely for my blog and my facebook page.

I’m pretty ecstatic with my pencil holder and pens/brushes/highlighters. I think it adds a lot to the infographic. There’s colours and various shapes but having that direct reference to artistic materials works well.



© Kimberley Sutherland

Rockstar Guy #1

I am enjoying my vector portraits so far. This work was based on a photo and I really think this guy’s shirt stood out to me above all else. It wasn’t until mid-way through (I completed the shirt last) that I thought it would be good to have the shirt pattern scatter off like confetti. I suppose gigs are kindof like a party – there’s drinking, dancing and music, and what better way to amplify it than the use of energetic bits of colour. I chose pink and yellow I wanted to keep the entire image bright. There are enough darker hues with his hair, the guitar and even the shirt colours are dull. Sometimes lots of colour on top of more colour doesn’t work – but I think in this instance it does. There’s clear distinction of all the shapes and figure.

I also really like that this was not about the actual face of the musician but the experience behind his talent. I’m not sure what type of music they were playing but I plan on creating more music inspired portraits.


© Kimberley Sutherland

Another Vector Illustration

This work was loosely based on a photo taken by a friend. I was going to stick to it and include what she was wearing, including her hair which i was going to make blue. It happened by accident that I made her hair white – and surprisingly it worked! I’m happy with the turn it took. It’s such a stark, simple contrast to her face which is where i wanted most of the attention to be anyway. I really think it brings out the face. Compared to my last work of Jen it’s taken more of an abstract/art turn rather than just imitating a photo. I love both, but i love the simplistic illustrative style – perhaps I’ll do more illustrations along these lines.

I used Illustrator CS6 to create this.


© Kimberley Sutherland

Vector Illustration

My first vector illustration of the lovely Jen, who has her own fantastic Babbleworthy blog. Please check out her fantastical writings and commentary of tv series.

I am super happy with the way this turned out. I love the pop art feel of it. I think i will create more faces. I think my first fascination with this style was seeing it in a couple of movies  – Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly. I never really thought of attempting it myself but I saw other graphic designers creating similar work and I thought “that looks amazing, and I can totally do that”. So here it is! Enjoy.


Space Designs

I wanted to add a collection of my space animals with some background imagery. I came up with the idea of surreal space designs which i thought suited the cosmic animals – one of the longer term goals of creating these animals was to focus on the space and universe aspect. So far I’ve made eight.

All my Cosmic Animals designs are available for purchasing on a multiple of items at:


Bird-1-fb Butterfly-01-fb Cat-1-fb Deer-01-fb Flamingo-1-fb Hare-01-fb Penguins-01-fb Squirrel-5-01-fb

© Kimberley Sutherland

The Shark

Another favourite. I thought I would keep the outline simple as a lot of shark photos I came across – the shark had been in either a fair few fights or had brushed up against some rocks and had matted fins. The teeth I made match the crocodile  to keep it consistent. I made the belly a lighter colour but didn’t put much of a shadow on top. It was already quite dark so I don’t think it needs it. The current contrast levels are enough.


© Kimberley Sutherland

The Second Cat

Another cat. I thoroughly enjoyed its movement displayed. It is quite different to the original fluffy cat – for starters it’s not white. It was based on a Siamese which have a lot of dark features. I used the same colours for the face and included the whiskers. This seems to add some characteristics as these designs can look quite flat. Thanks to Stock by Dana for the reference image.


© Kimberley Sutherland

The Butterfly

The butterfly was one of the most simple designs so far yet it is already a favourite. There was debate as to whether to have the light blue areas with a pattern and the wings just a plain colour. It seemed to work better overall with the pattern on the wings behind the light blue areas. I also tried to make the body and antennas have more depth but it took too much focus away from the wings, and it didn’t seem to match.I like the way it turned out. There’s a slight outline of dark blue which blends into the body. For such a flat insect i think it turned out well. I plan to have several more butterflies in the future, perhaps with slightly varying colours and shapes.


© Kimberley Sutherland